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Apr 07

March 2016 Top Straight Star and Category trends

March 2016 Top Straight Star and Category trends on the AEBN Network.     March Top Stars March Top Categories Rank StarID Star Name Rank Change Rank Category ID Category Name Rank Change 1 109586 Elsa Jean 11 1 507 Lesbian 0 2 62952 Ava Addams 18 2 504 Shemale 0 3 74518 Jodi West …

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Jun 01

Guide to SuperPass Tube Upsell Tool

The SuperPass Tube Upsell Tool promotes our new SuperPass Channel, which features $1 trials and unlimited access to thousands of movies.  The tool offers several niche themes for both gay and straight, as well as a convenient feature which auto-fills the color customizations based on your destination theater of choice. This guide will tell you …

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Apr 15

AEBN Guide to Embeddable Video Player

You can now promote the hottest new content available through an exciting new format! The same clips that populate our Premium Galleries tool can now be used in an embeddable video player that is easily added to any website, making it the ultimate tool with which to drive traffic. This sleek video player is perfect …

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Mar 01

AEBN Guide to Premium Galleries

AEBN’s Premium Galleries Sales Tool is a great improvement over the classic system with a sleek, updated design as well as today’s most popular content. Movie Gallery Pages are the industry standard, but with Premium Galleries you can drive even more traffic to your theater than our existing MGPs. You’ll find there are more dynamic …

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Feb 01

AEBN Guide to RSS Blog Tool

The RSS Blog Tool allows webmasters to automatically populate their site with the hottest stars, studios, and action offered in their theaters. Easily embedded in any blog, the RSS Blog Tool is completely customizable and has editing capabilities, so webmasters can add SEO-friendly content and copy tailored to fit their unique needs. The tool works …

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Nov 21

AEBN Guide to Hosted Movie Updates

One of our new dynamic sales tools, the Hosted Movie Updates tool allows webmasters to display the newest titles from the AEBN theater system as they are added. This means that you can always offer your surfers the freshest content available and, because the tool updates dynamically, it does all the work for you: just …

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Oct 21

AEBN Guide: Affiliate Campaigns

The new campaign tool lets you create a campaign and associate it to a particular theater or sales tool in order to gauge its effectiveness. Campaigns track traffic and conversions to help you better understand where sales are generated on your sites. You can create unlimited number of campaigns to fulfill all of your tracking …

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Oct 21

AEBN Guide to Setting Up TubeFeeder

The AEBN Tube Feeder gives Webmaster’s the ability to create “Tube” like sites featuring content from a wide variety of categories. These previews can be placed on any site with a single line of code. Webmasters can configure which category is displayed, create multiple tube channels and set the number of previews presented on each …

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Oct 06

AEBN Guide to Deep Linking

Many Webmasters want to know the different options available for linking to specific movies within their theater. This is very useful for blogs, discussion forums and other sites where you wish to promote a movie and then provide links for the user to go directly to the theater. AEBN provides you with the ability to …

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Oct 01

Account Change Procedures

If you need to make account changes please follow these simple guidelines. Forgot Password Forgot Password to webmaster portal login- If you misplaced or forgot your password you can simply click on the “Forgot Password” link under where you normally log in. The “Forgot Password” feature is basically to be used as an emergency when …

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