Content Partner FAQ

How long has AEBN been in operation?  
For More than 25 years, AEBN pioneered the Pay Per Minute business model in 1999.

Am I eligible to sign up as an AEBN Content Partner?  
Yes, if you legally own the content and/or have VOD distribution rights and have all proper 2257 documentation.

Does it cost anything to become a Content Partner?
No, it is free to become a Content Partner of AEBN.

How do I get started?  
We recommend all potential Content Partners review the content section of this FAQ and then complete and submit our Content Partner Sign-Up Inquiry form and an account representative will respond to you as soon as possible.

Are all potential partners approved?  
There can be various reason why some potential partners might not be approved:
– Poor quality video
– Poor quality cover art
– Illegal content
– Low performing category
– Oversaturated category

What kind of content do you accept? 
We welcome all genres of content and production styles, from high end production titles to self-produced short form clips. DVD style releases and single scene releases are all welcomed on our platform.

Content we do NOT accept:
– Rape
– Beastiality
– Non-consensual Abduction
– Scat
– Chloroform
– Bleeding or blood
– Mosaic

Words/terms not allowed in movies: AEBN Do Not Use Terms  

How do I send my content?
We offer a variety of options to send your content to us.
– FTP to our servers
– SaviTransfer
– Cloud storage services (DropBox, Google Drive, Etc.)
– Hard drive shipments and DVD’s are not recommended.

What do I need to provide for each of my videos?
Content Partners need to provide the following for each movie:
– Video File(s) AEBN Content Specs
– Cover Art (380×540 pixels at 72dpi minimum, if larger keep same aspect ratio) Formats: Layered PSD preferred! Print resolution PSD, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.
– Star Metadata – complete cast list for all performers in the movie and at the scenes level.
– Description Metadata – Synopsis of the movie 2,000 characters or less.
– Director Name
Promotional materials- If available please always send movie trailer and high resolution images of all models from clothed to naked and actions shots.

What video file formats do you accept?  
We recommend sending all content in HD minimally, if available in 4K even better! We do accept some SD content, but HD is preferred by our customers.

Wondering what file specs? We have you covered: AEBN Content Specs

How long does it take for my movies to go live? 
Typically, it can take up to 8 working days (not including weekends or holidays) for movies to go live. Our experienced content reps hand curate publication dates helping to maximize your revenue, so some movies may take longer.

Can I select my scene strip images?  
Scene images are hand curated by our production team; partners submissions are not allowed.

Do you allow watermarks on videos?
We accept watermarked videos if they are not too large or intrusive but watermark free is preferred.

Can you make box covers for me? 
We do not make cover art for partners

Do you accept Virtual Reality videos?  
Yes! 3D (Left-Right, 16:9 or 2:1), 360° (16:9), 3D+360° (Over-Under, 1:1) for more details visit AEBN Content Specs.

What is the revshare percentage?
Standard revshare is 20-25% on every VOD sale. Sales include downloads, rentals, and Pay Per Minute streaming.

How do I monetize my content with AEBN?
We offer a wide range of options to monetize your content.
– VOD: Stream your content to millions of users through merchandising your content via Pay-Per-Minute, Downloads, Scene Downloads and Rentals.
– X-Pass: Hand curated, older content placed in a subscription style viewing service.
– NakedSword: Add your content to the “Gay Netflix of Porn” subscription site.

How do I monitor my sales?  
Exclusive VOD stats created for our content partners by our content partners! With the assistance of our valued content partners, we’ve developed exclusive stats and trends data assisting our partners in future production, box art, cast, and niche decisions honing in on future growth of their brand. Log into your Parner Portal, navigate to Stats to view all stats on your content.

Is there a minimum payout?  
Yes, the minimum payout is $100 USD. ($500 for International Wire transfers)

What payout methods are available?
In the United States the options are check, Paypal, and ACH.
International options are check, Paypal, Bank Wires and MassPay.

What fees are associated with the methods of payments? 
There are no fees associated with ACH (domestic US only) or paper checks.
PayPal, TransferMate and MassPay may charge you a fee.

When are the payouts sent? 
Payouts are typically sent out by the 20th of each month for the previous month.

How do I update my payout or contact information? 
Log into your Partner Portal and navigate to My Account, from there you can see all account contact and payment info. If you need to update any of it simply click on the Update Payout Info button to complete our Change of Business form.

Are my AEBN Earnings taxable? How do I report them? 
If you are in the US and make over $600 in the year your AEBN income will automatically be reported to the IRS. Please keep your W9 form updated so the accounting department can issue the 1099 you will need to complete your taxes.

If you questions that aren’t in the FAQ we’re always available to help! Drop us an email at and we will be glad to assist you.