Traffic Partner FAQ

How long has the AEBN affiliate program been in operation?
For More than 25 years, AEBN pioneered the Pay Per Minute business model in 1999.

Am I eligible to sign up as an AEBN affiliate?
If you are of legal age you may become an affiliate of AEBN.
AEBN is not a private invitation only program. You will be automatically approved. Exceptions to guideline are dependent on your country of origin. Please read the Terms & Conditions for additional details –

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?
No, It is free to become a Partner of AEBN.

What is the minimum payout?
The minimum payout is $100.

How much are Traffic Partners paid?
Traffic Partners receive 50% payout on all sales from traffic directed to AEBN.

Can I have a higher than 50% percentage payout as a Traffic Partner?
This is the highest rate we can offer and still cover Content and other costs. However, you can earn additional revenues by becoming a Content Partner.

What Payout Methods are Available?
In the United States the options are check, Paypal, and ACH.
International options are check, expedited check, Paypal, Bank Wires via TransferMate and MassPay.
All payments are made in US dollars.

What fees are associated with the methods of payments?
There are no fees associated with ACH (domestic US only) or paper checks.
PayPal, TransferMate and MassPay may charge you a fee.

When are the payouts sent?
Payouts are typically sent out by the 20th of each month for the previous month.

Is there a Partner Referral Program?
Yes, The Traffic Partner Referral Program pays 5% on the first $2500 in sales for each referred affiliate, for the first two years. The highest possible payout for a productive referral would be $125 for 24 months, totaling $3,000.

How do I update my payout or contact information?
To update your payout method or alter contacts you should reach out to your account representative or email with the request. You will be given directions to complete the appropriate forms.

How to reset my password?
To reset your password please follow the instructions on the following page:

Are my AEBN Earnings taxable? How do I report them?
If you are located in the US and make over $600 in the year your AEBN income will automatically be reported to the IRS. Please keep your W9 form updated so the accounting department can issue the 1099 you will need to complete your taxes.

Are White Label Theaters still available to be promoted?
If you created a White Label Theater between 1999 and January of 2021 you may still send traffic to it. As of February 2021, no new White Label Theaters may be created.

What sales tools are available?
Traffic Partners have access to auto–updating banners that display the highlighted content of the day, the top stars of the week, and the most popular movies/scenes in individual categories.

Do consumers have to make a transaction through my link on my white label each time for me to get paid?
If the consumer makes a transaction on your theater you will receive between 30%-50% of the transaction depending upon your sales volume. If a consumer was referred by you in the past but is not making a transaction on your theater then you will receive 3% of the transaction. If the consumer originated from you and is making a transaction on your theater then you will receive both percentages.

What happens if someone I referred makes a purchase through my link but then never returns and visits another Traffic partner’s link instead?
You will still get a 3% commission for the life of that customer.

Does AEBN offer pay per click or pay per signup?
No. The AEBN Traffic Partner program only operates on the revenue sharing business model.

Can you host or design my site?
While AEBN does host some sales tools we do not offer or recommend other hosting or design services

How do I make money with my content on AEBN?
Learn more about being a Content Partner here:

Do I get a higher payout if I have content on the site and I send converting traffic?
Yes, if the consumers are watching your content. You are paid both as a Content Partner and a Traffic Partner.

Who do I contact if I have any question?
If you are looking for Content or Traffic partner support, visit the contact us page located here: or Email us at
If you already have an account and are looking for your representative, just log in the AEBN partner portal and click “my account”.