AEBN Guide to Deep Linking

Many Webmasters want to know the different options available for linking to specific movies within their theater. This is very useful for blogs, discussion forums and other sites where you wish to promote a movie and then provide links for the user to go directly to the theater. AEBN provides you with the ability to link to the movie in your theater or to one of our Pay Per View sites. This guide will show you the correct linking and how to include your RefID in the link itself.


The AEBN theater system allows you to link directly to the following:

Movie Title

Listed below is an example of how to link to each component within a theater.

Linking to a movie:

Linking to a movie is simply a matter of locating the movie within the theater and copying the address from the browser address bar. For example, to link directly to the movie Not Bewitched XXX you can use the link:

If you break this link apart you will notice the first part is the website address (, followed by the MovieID (114730), followed by the TheaterID (822).

The same movie on MovieMonster would look like:

As you can see the website address changes and the theaterId, but the MovieID remains the same.

This is an easy way to link directly to a movie in your theater by either using the theater link address or the branded domain address.

It is possible to get the link for every movie in your theater by using the Content Export function available on the Summary page of Theater Builder. Theater Builder is available from within the Webmasters Area of AEBN. For more information please see the AEBN Guide to Theater Builder.

Linking to a movie with your RefId:

If you do not have your own theater and wish to link directly to a title in one of our PayPerView theaters, you can do that and include your RefId in the link itself so you get credit for referring that user.

Notice the addition of &refid=AEBN000001 at the end of the link. You would need to replace this with your correct AEBN Affiliate ID. This link will take the user to the selected movie and pass your RefID at the same time.

Linking to a particular Star:

It is also possible to link directly to the stars of a movie. The format of the link is very similar as before but with the addition of the movieSearch?starId= string.

Each star in our catalog has a specific ID associated with them. The complete list of StarIDs is available from your account Rep. You can also do a search for the star within the theater and find the corresponding ID. Once you have the ID you can create a link similar to the following:

This link returns the movies that star Jenna Haze.

Linking to a Studio:

You also have the ability to link directly to a specific studio. As you can see in the example below we have the studioDetail?studioId= parameter added to the link. Again, the list of Studio IDs is available from your account Rep.

This link will take users to the movies released by Wicked Pictures.

Linking to a Director:

The parameter for a Director is movieSearch?directorId=

The above link takes the user to all movies directed by Brad Armstrong.

Linking to a specific Genre:

If you have a theater with both Gay and Straight content you can link to genres by using the genreId= parameter.

genreId=101 is Straight

genreId=102 is Gay

You can use this in the link to specifically link to movies in each genre within a single theater. The links above will take users to the frontdoor of each theater since no movie was listed in the link.

Link to a Series:

You can link to a series by using the moviesearch?seriesId= parameter. Again, the list of Series’ is available from your AEBN account Rep.

The above link goes directly to the Lord of Asses series.

Linking to a Category:

To link directly to a specific category we add the categoryDetail?categoryId= parameter to the link. Each category has a unique ID which you can see within the theater itself or you can obtain the full list from your account Rep.

In each of the above cases you can always add the &refid=AEBN000001 to the end of the link if you are directing traffic to one of our Pay Per View sites.

There are multiple linking options available within the theater itself, from movie titles to categories. By combining the parameters together you can promote Stars and Studio and also make sure your RefId is included so you always get credit for the work you do. Also, you are not limited to just linking to your own theater, these parameters work for our Pay Per View theaters are well.

In most cases you can find the movie you’re interested in within the theater itself and copy the link. If you are looking to do bulk linking based on the above criteria, you can get in touch with your account Rep who will provide you with additional lists that contain the IDs associated with each of the above theater sections.