Video-On-Demand Delivery Overview

Video-On-Demand Delivery Overview

  • Delivery Options for Consumers
  • Media Software
  • Streaming Speeds
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Global Audience
  • Feeds (Optional, at the discretion of AEBN)


Delivery Options for Consumers

  • Pay per minute

PPM- Consumers are able to view titles, selectable by scene and be charged by minute.


  • Streaming Rental

Stream For Life- Customer can stream the movie for life of movie for a set price

48 Hour- Customer can stream the movie limitless for 48 hours.


  • Download Rental

DRM Free- Download the movie for one set price and it’s yours! Copy it to disc or, multiple computers and/or hard drive for back up. No connection ever needed to watch.


Media Software

  • Windows Media
  • Silverlight Media Player

Streaming Speeds

  • 56k Windows Media, Silverlight Player
  • 225k Windows Media, Silverlight Player
  • 512k Windows Media, Silverlight Player
  • 2048 Windows Media Player and Silverlight Player
    Very few companies offer this “close to DVD quality”, as it is takes up far more storage space and bandwidth. Don’t settle for 1024 KB.
  • 4000k Windows Media Player and Silverlight Player
  • 6000k- HD – Windows Media Player and Silverlight Player

Advanced Search Options

  • Title search
  • Scene search
  • Studio search
  • Star search
  • Channel Search
  • Bitrate Search
  • Movie Format
  • Category & Niche Search featuring almost 200 combined categories of both straight and gay content.
  • Description Search to allow users to find the sexual fantasy that fits them best.
  • Extended Search ensures your user finds exactly what they’re looking for, essentially leading to better conversion.

Global Audience

Translations and Customer Support are provided in-house for:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian

Feeds (Optional, at the discretion of AEBN)

  • All movies are provided in full length with DVD functionality, interactive scene selection and descriptions, and full screen capability.
  • Streams are offered in Windows media player format.
    • Streams are offered in all speeds up to full 1080i HD.