Account Change Procedures

If you need to make account changes please follow these simple guidelines.

Forgot Password

Forgot Password to webmaster portal login- If you misplaced or forgot your password you can simply click on the “Forgot Password” link under where you normally log in. The “Forgot Password” feature is basically to be used as an emergency when AEBN is closed and you can’t contact your rep. Please note you will need your Account Number and current Email Address associated with your account. You will be given a temporary 24hour password to use. You will need to contact your Studio Representative to change it to something that you can remember.


Basic Account Changes

Basic account changes such as phone number, and email address all require a C.O.B. Form to be filled out and returned to your Studio Rep by the 25th of the month.


Pay Out Changes

**All payout information changes need to be completed and returned to your AEBN Representative by the 25th of the month.**


Changing your mailed paper check information?  Please complete the C.O.B. Form & W-9 to your representative. If international just the C.O.B. Form needs completed.


Changing to PayPal payment?  Please complete the C.O.B. Form & W-9 if  U.S. based to your representative.


Changing to Domestic ACH?  Please complete the  ACH Form & W-9 to your representative.




COB Form


AEBN ACH Authorization