Beginning Your Partnership with AEBN

Beginning Your Partnership with AEBN
– Creating a New Account
– Contract Overview
– Payment Percentages
– Payment Options
– Payment Methods


– Creating a New Account
The projected duration for the prerequisites below can last from a week to several months; generally depending on the workload of the AEBN as there are many departments involved. The response time and preparedness of the potential studio partner is also a key factor.

AEBN reserves the right to reject any submitted materials for any reason including, but not limited to; issues with content type, audio/video quality, and media format in which the material is submitted.

Establishing a new account can be simplified into 5 basic steps:
1. Send an AEBN Studio Representative a sample of your content with box cover art (This will not be returned by AEBN, don’t send master!).
2. Content must be approved (i.e. illegal and poor quality content is not approved).
3. Once approved, the AEBN Studio Representative sends you a “Required Account Info” document that the AEBN Legal Dept. uses to draft your partnership contract.

4. Once contract is reviewed in its entirety by prospective studio, signed and returned to AEBN.
5. Content is then submitted to AEBN to be streamed. Our mailing address is:


500 Archdale Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217


Box cover requirements for Streaming VOD
A Boxart representation must be included with all submitted media

DVD boxes should be exactly: 4 inches wide x 6 inches tall.
Digital Box Covers should be exactly 380 x 540 pixels @72DPI
Please do not submit photographs.



Your AEBN Rep will need the following information to set-up your account:

  1. Registered Business Name:
  2. Company Type ( Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Corporation,  Partnership, or Individual):
  3. State/Country Registered:
  4. Business Address:
  5. Mailing Address (If Different):
  6. Company’s Phone Number:
  7. Company’s Fax Number:
  8. Company’s Website URL:
  9. Authorized Signing Party’s Name:
  10. Authorized Signing Party’s Title (Owner, President, etc.):
  11. Authorized Signing Party’s Email Address:
  12. Studio’s Name:
  13. Contact Person’s Name:
  14. Contact Person’s Phone Number:
  15. Contact Person ‘s Email:
  16. Contact Person’s Job Title:
  17. Account Password:
  18. Custodian of Records Name and Address: (address cannot be a PO Box; it must be a street address)
  19. Checks Payable to:
  20. EIN or SSN (N/A if not in U.S.):
  21. Current listing of all titles produced by the company that you will be providing to AEBN:
  22. Please Complete, Sign and Date the attached W-9 Form if in the U.S.If you are a registered


– Contract Overview
Once you’ve submitted a sample of your content to an AEBN Agent you’ll most likely receive a welcome e-mail or phone call from your Account Representative. This is the first and most important step to becoming a partner, as it determines whether or not we are a good fit for each other.

Our standard contract is a non-exclusive three-year contract, with our option to renew the contract at the end of the specified period.

Next, the contract is signed. This is a simple non-exclusive contract we require from all our studio partners. Your Content Agent will send it to you, in a .PDF format.

Upon receipt of the contract, we ask that you print it out twice, initialing each page in the space designated for the Licensor, and sign the last page of the contract, adding the information requested. Exhibit A of your contract will not change, but titles can be added to it in the future as we receive more shipments from the studio and our relationship grows.
Please complete this process for copies of the contract.

Upon completing both copies of the contract, return them to the same address given for video submittal. When both copies have been received by AEBN, we will sign and date both contracts, returning one to you for your own records.

Please note – We will not sign a contract if there have been any changes penned in or added to the contract. All proposed changes to the contract are to be reviewed by your representative; a new contract will be created if these suggested changes are satisfactory.

– Payment Percentages
Manufacturer Percentages
All of our manufacturers start out on a standard payment ratio; for your films watched on the AEBN network, you will receive 20% of each dollar sold.


– Payment Options
When Setting up your account, after the Contract signing process, we offer several different payment options, to be determined at the time of Account Creation. Your payment method can be changed at any time. All changes must be made by the 25th of the month in order to take affect by the next pay period, which is on the 10th of the following month. Payments are made the month following the accrual period designated, as each cycle accounts for an entire month. AEBN has a minimum payout of $100.00 USD, and will sum each consecutive month’s accrual until this minimum is met. This minimum payout is able to be raised by you, by submitting a Change of Beneficiary form. Your minimum payout may not be lowered beyond $100.00 USD.

Further Explanations
“Payable to type”
In order to have a check paid to a company they have to be either a limited liability, corporation or partnership… if they say they are none of these then they would not have a tax id and therefore would have to have their checks payable to a person with that person’s social security number provided.

For our records for legal and tax purposes by law, the Payable To Type must match the Payable To and SSN/Tax ID fields.

“Company Type”
(**For manufacturers located in US and some Canadian Provinces.)

– Payment Methods

  • By Check – Checks are sent out on the 10th. If the 10th falls on a weekend then they go out in the mail the business day before the 10th.
  • ACH Direct Deposit – The Direct Deposit option is available only for domestic studios, deposited on the tenth of each month for the previous month’s payment amount. ACH form can be obtained online as well.
  • Paxum:  Please provide us with the email associated with your Paxum account, more info at
  • PayPal – Please provide us with the email associated with your Paypal account.