AEBN Shipping/Media Guidelines

– Shipping to AEBN

– Media Requirements
– Archival/Media Processing – Shipping Requirements


Shipping to AEBN

AEBN accepts content from our Content Partners from many resources, we allow uploading/downloading from FTP, hard drive/ thumb drive shipments, downloads direct from studio servers, and we still accept DVD’s; however files are preferred.

Adherence to these parameters below will allow us to process your product as quickly as possible.
Incomplete submissions may result in delays.

All mailed packages must be sent to:

Attention: “Your AEBN Representative”
500 Archdale Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217

All shipped packages must include:

Printed packing slip with the following information:

  • Studio Names (if multiple studio brands shipped at once)
  • Manufacturer Account #
  • Mailing address – that is NOT a PO Box!
  • Contact name & phone number
  • Cover Art with movie at time of shipment.


Digital File Transmission:

To send content via digital file transmission whether it uploading to our FTP server, downloading from your FTP or other server, please contact your representative for further information.


Hard Drive / Thumb Drive:

When sending hard drives or thumb drives always send your USB, Firewire, or Sata cables along with the power supply cord with drive and be sure to label it with a return address.

Label each of your movies clearly to prevent mix-ups and delays. (We recommend each movie in it’s own labeled folder with the video file(s), cover art, description, promo images, and star scene break down inside the folder for each movie).



Media Requirements/Guidelines

Movies Must Be Under These Conditions In Order For AEBN to Render Them Into Electronic Media:

  • No promotional material on actual video file.
  • Watermarks – non-intrusive watermarks are allowed, but watermark free is preferred. If the watermark is intrusive, at our discretion content maybe rejected until fixed. Watermark free content is subject to additional promotions over watermarked content.
  • All movies must be of good quality. (Any questions on cover art please refer to Acceptable Media Guideline)


Please refer to our Acceptable Media Guideline if you are in question on media requirements. If you still have questions please contact your Content Rep.

Given the current status of politics in the United States, AEBN Inc. and all adult-oriented businesses face more and more obstacles as it pertains to our companies’ legal well being. One of the more prominent obstacles in our way is possible prosecution and investigation as it pertains to obscenity, child endangerment, and other such laws.

As a notable leader in our part of the adult industry, we at AEBN are very conscious of these issues and have a certain criteria when dealing with legally dangerous content types. In the following, we’ll try to explain these as best as possible so that you are aware of our policies before submitting your materials.

Below are some General Content Guidelines
Please review before submitting content to AEBN


Not Allowed

Oral sex in bondage


Toy use in bondage


Fisting in gay and straight

Non-consensual Abduction

Clear (not blurry) images in reality or hidden cam


Vaginal/Anal contact with a human penis in bondage scenes


Pissing on or in another person

Non-consensual Abduction

Sex in Fem Dom

 Bleeding or blood



Here are some specific examples of illegal terms not allowed in Movie Titles and Descriptions:

Young boys



Young girls



Really young




Family sex



Farm sex



Forced sex















Archival/Media Processing – Shipping Requirements
AEBN requires the following information for each piece of media:
  • Name of Custodian of Records
  • Street address for the Custodian (No PO Boxes) -Must have street address, city, state, and zip.
  • Production date (unless exempt)
  • Street release date- When it’s available to the public whether it’s in VOD, DVD, and/or internet.
  • A short description of each movie (2000 characters max.)
  • List of stars in each movie broken down into scenes
  • Directors name


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your account representative.