RSS Blog Tool Demo

Bus Stop Girls   from AEBN Porn Pay Per View Network and Adult Video On Demand. It’s always been said that private school girls are the naughtiest due to the strict and rigid curriculum they are placed in. After watching … Continue reading

Hosted Banner Ads Demo

Hosted Banner Ads creates an animated banner comprised of 4 separate images in a specified size that you can use on your site. Select an available category, choose a banner size and the site to send traffic to. Once completed, … Continue reading

AEBN Guide to Deep Linking

Many Webmasters want to know the different options available for linking to specific movies within their theater. This is very useful for blogs, discussion forums and other sites where you wish to promote a movie and then provide links for … Continue reading

Account Change Procedures

If you need to make account changes please follow these simple guidelines. Forgot Password Forgot Password to webmaster portal login- If you misplaced or forgot your password you can simply click on the “Forgot Password” link under where you normally … Continue reading

AEBN Guide to RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) gives Webmasters information on the latest movie titles added to the AEBN catalog for each niche we offer. As movies are added to the system, the RSS Feed is automatically updated with the movie title, description, … Continue reading

Guide to Manufacturer Stats

We provide our studios an in-depth interface to help interact and inform with the progress and revenues of your titles. The interface is easily accessible by going to and entering into the ‘Webmasters’ area, using your studio identification number … Continue reading

Video-On-Demand Delivery Overview

Video-On-Demand Delivery Overview Delivery Options for Consumers Media Software Streaming Speeds Advanced Search Options Global Audience Feeds (Optional, at the discretion of AEBN)   Delivery Options for Consumers Pay per minute PPM- Consumers are able to view titles, selectable by … Continue reading