Guide to SuperPass Tube Upsell Tool

The SuperPass Tube Upsell Tool promotes our new SuperPass Channel, which features $1 trials and unlimited access to thousands of movies.  The tool offers several niche themes for both gay and straight, as well as a convenient feature which auto-fills the color customizations based on your destination theater of choice. This guide will tell you how to use this tool.



How to Log In:

* Go to the Webmaster Portal on

* Click on “Sales Tools” in the top navigation bar.

* Select “Get This Tool” from beneath the SuperPass Tube Upsell logo.


AEBN Super Pass


– Step 1: Campaigns (Optional) –

* You can create a new campaign or add an existing one to track the tool. For more information about Campaigns, visit our Campaigns guide. You can skip this step completely if you do not wish to use a campaign.



– Step 2: Choose Destination –

* Use the drop-down menu box to select either an AEBN branded theater or select one of your own theaters in the drop-down menu box. First, select either “AEBN Site” or “Your Templates” to have your choice populate into the menu.



– Step 3: Choose Content –

* First, begin by choosing either “Straight” or “Gay” as your orientation. This will make other options appear.



From the drop-down menu, you can choose a theme for your pitch. You can keep the default choice or you choose a layout that highlights a popular niche. Niches currently available for Straight ads are Big Tit, Black, Classic, Fetish, and Shemale. Niches currently available for Gay ads are Bareback, Black, Fetish, Straight Bait, and Twink.


* Once you’ve chosen your niche, choose your pitch. You can choose between a Full Page Ad (1200h x 990w) or Embeddable Ad (980h x 990w). If you choose the Full Page Ad, the tool will automatically use the banner from your destination theater at the top of the page.


– Step 4: Choose Colors –

* Depending on the destination theater you’ve chosen in Step 2, the Upsell tool will auto-fill the color choices in Section 4 to match that theater. However, you can change these auto-filled values if they are not what you need.

You can choose colors for Page Background, Content Background, Text Color and Header color. Change the colors either by entering the hex values or by using the color wheel at right.




– Step 5: Get Code –

* Once you’re satisfied with your choices, click the “Submit” button at the bottom to have the tool generate your code. Two different codes will be created.



Direct Link

Link to this page from your website and drive traffic that way.


This code is made to be copy and pasted into an existing page on your website.


* Paste the code of your choice into your website and you’re ready to go! Have other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact your rep if you need more help.