Feeds TroubleShooting: Windows Update

A recent update from Microsoft for its Windows Media Player is causing issues for customers trying to connect to our feeds. While this is not a problem on our end, we had our technical team troubleshoot the issue, and we received the following response:

People are getting a message from their browsers that says something akin to: “Internet explorer cannot display the webpage” or the Firefox equivalent if they are not using IE.

PC Users
Those using XP-based PCs they should do the following:

Open Windows Media Player and right-click on the WMP logo. It’s the small WMP logo (the circle w/ the 4 colors around it and the arrow inside it) on the top left hand corner of WMP when you open it up. Select ‘Tools’ then ‘Options’. When the options box opens, select the ‘File Types’ tab and make sure that both ASX and WMV are set to open with Windows Media Player.

When you go into the File Types, the very first file type is Windows Media file (asf) which includes ASX. It will be checked, but may be grayed out. If it is, click on the check box and the background in the check box will go to white and you should be able to view the feeds fine after that.

If you are using a Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC, click here for instructions.

Mac Users
Those using Macs should make sure they are using Flip4Mac to view the movies. The download can be found here.