AEBN Guide to Setting Up Your Content Feed

Content Feeds allow you to offer users the ability to view an entire movie as part of their subscription fee to your site. AEBN offers a variety of niches to cater to a wide variety of members. Even though the content is different for each console, they will be set up the same way within your website. This guide shows you how to configure the Javascript within your HTML pages, edit the referring pages or sites which can use the console and shows you the correct syntax for loading the Content Feed Console.

Normally the link to the console feeds will go within the members section of your website, this way only paid users can see the links.

The AEBN Content Feeds use Javascript for authentication so your users will need to have this turned on within their browsers and the Javascript code needs to be loaded on each page where you plan to load the Feed Console.

Initializing Javascript for the page:

On each page within your members section where you will be placing the linking code, you need to insert the following lines of HTML code within the <BODY></BODY> tags, preferably towards the closing tag (as this code will introduce some blank space). Remember that this needs to be put in only ONCE per page carrying the links to your feeds:

<script language="JavaScript" src="" charset="utf-8">


<script language="JavaScript" src="" charset="utf-8">


You can put multiple links to different consoles on the same page, but you only need to add the above code once.

Calling the Console:

On the page(s) where you would like to place the link(s) to your consoles, copy the anchor tags provided (in the Feed section of your account) into the body of your HTML page. An example would be like so:

<a href="javascript: sndt(15674)">Fetish Fever</a>

You will need to obtain the console ID(the value that comes after sndt() in the line above) from the Feeds section of the Webmaster’s Area. Each console has a different ID. Please copy the code exactly as it appears.

Be sure to copy this HTML code in your “Code View” and not “Design View” when using HTML editors such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

You can place multiple links to different consoles on the same page. Also, if you have multiple consoles available, users will be able to see and select those additional consoles once the main console page it loaded.

Publish the Page:

Publish the page to your server and test to see if the link works properly and if you are reaching the right console. The console will load in a new separate window or tab (depending on browser version). It is possible that pop-up blockers and other anti-spam software could prevent the Javascript from executing correctly or prevent the additional window from opening. You may need to adjust your software settings to make sure the consoles load correctly.

Additionally cookies must be enabled for the authentication process to work correctly. Browser settings or 3rd party software that blocks cookies could prevent the consoles from loading correctly.

Edit Referrers:

To secure the Content Feed so only authorized users and websites can access them you will need to edit the list of referring websites than can use the console. You can authorize and entire site such as or just a specific page such as To set up the list of referrers, log into the Webmaster’s Area and click “Feeds” on the top navigation bar, then click “Edit Referrers” under the section for “Feed Codes.”

The Edit Referrers entry screen will look like the following. Here you will add the name of the site that is authorized to use the Content Feed.

If you plan on using the default page from a particular folder you should only enter the folder and not the actual page.

Also, the “www.” part of any referring page that you enter will be stripped off. This is because most sites will resolve to either entry. So you can get to the site by typing “” or “”. The “www.” part will also be stripped from any referring page information extracted from users trying to access the console.


The following are examples of how you domain name can be entered to allow or restrict access to the Content Feeds

· – from any page in

· – from any page in

· – only from

· http://* – from any page in any subdomain within

Troubleshooting Check List:

If you encounter a security error on your console, please try the following to resolve the issue:

1. Make sure you are logged into the members section of the website. Re-enter your username and password and try the console again.

2. Within the browser, enable Javascript and accept cookies. Console authentication is cookie based so the browser must allow cookies. Check any 3rd party spyware utilities that block cookies or disable Javascript.

3. Check your firewall settings and disable any pop-up blocking software. Consoles open in a new window and may be suppressed.

4. Disable any 3rd party download manager or browser “anonymizers”. These may interfere with how the consoles load and authentication.

5. Verify that the Javascript code listed in the Initializing Javascript section above is loaded on your page between the <BODY></BODY> tags and you have the additional Calling the Console code listed on the page.

6. Login to with your account id and password and go to the “Feeds” section. Locate the console in question and click on the “Edit Referrer” button. Check to make sure that the page on your site carrying the link to a particular console is listed in the valid referrers. If you’ve chosen to set an entire folder as a valid referrer, check to make sure your page is in the right folder.

7. If you continue to experience issues with the feeds, please contact your account rep. Your Reps contact information can be found within the “Account Administration” section of the Webmaster Portal at You may also contact us at: 1.800.628.0241.