AEBN Guide to Setting Up TubeFeeder

The AEBN Tube Feeder gives Webmaster’s the ability to create “Tube” like sites featuring content from a wide variety of categories. These previews can be placed on any site with a single line of code. Webmasters can configure which category is displayed, create multiple tube channels and set the number of previews presented on each page. Tube Feeder allows Webmasters to present hundreds of sample movies on their own sites so they can grab the attention of their users and drive traffic to their theaters. This guide presents information on how to generate the content for your site.


How to Log In:

* Connect to the Webmaster Portal on

* Click on “Sales Tools” in the top navigation bar.

* Select “Get This Tool” from beneath the Tube Feeder logo.



– Step 1: Orientation –

* Begin by choosing the orientation of the content you want to generate in your Tube Feeder feed.


– Step 2: Choose Your Content –

* Once you have chosen your orientation, you will have category and keyword options to choose from. Use the drop-down menu to highlight all of the categories and keywords you would like to include in your feed. The number of matches based on your criteria will appear in red under the drop-down menus.


To remove a selection, click on the red “X” next to the word.

Once you are satisfied, move on to Step 3.


-Step 3: Choose Your Delivery Method-

* Here you can choose what your delivery options you would like for your feeds. You can choose from Newest clips into the feed or Random clips into the feed based on your content options.

* You can also choose your Delivery Method. Pick from XML, Video Wall, CSV or TSV

* Choose your XML Export Type: Default, MechBunny, SmartTube, TubeAce. If you are using one of these popular tube scripts, your Tube Feeder XML Export can be delivered to work directly with that script.


-Step 4: Choose Layout and Color Theme-

* With the Tube Feeder tool, you can customize the color of your feed’s Grid Background Color, Image Background Color, and Text Color. Use the color wheel at right to choose a color or enter the HTML for the color of your choice directly into the box next to each choice.

-Step 5:  Choose Destination-

* Use the drop-down menu box to select either an AEBN branded theater or select one of your own theaters in the drop-down menu box. First, select either “AEBN Site” or “Your Templates” to have your choice populate into the menu.


-Step 6: Save Feed/Get Code-

* Once you are satisfied with your choices, give your feed a nickname, then click “Save Feed” to generate your feed.

This will take you to a page where you can download your feed. On this page you can also edit, delete or deactivate the feed.