AEBN Guide to RSS Feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) gives Webmasters information on the latest movie titles added to the AEBN catalog for each niche we offer. As movies are added to the system, the RSS Feed is automatically updated with the movie title, description, stars and studio information. All the information you see when viewing the movie within a theater is listed within the Feed. This guide will show you what information is listed within the feed, how to locate the feed in your theater and how you can make use of that content.


What’s in a Feed?

The Feeds within the AEBN theaters carry the following information about the titles we add to the system:

Thumbnail view of box cover

As you can see, this is the same information listed for a movie title you click within the theater itself. When new movies are added to the system this information is updated to provide you with the latest information on new titles.

Where are the Feeds?

At the bottom of each theater there is a Feeds link which will take you to the full list of feeds we offer.


For each category within both our Straight and Gay theaters we have an associated Feed. There is also the All Categories feed which will displays all movies that are added to our system from every category.


When you click the link for the corresponding feed you will be shown the latest 10 titles which have been added. Browsers such as Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 will display the full contents of the feed and give you a chance to subscribe. When new content is added you will be notified.

The link for the feed will look like the following:

It contains your website address, theaterID and the categoryId for the subscribed Feed. When you go to the Feeds section of your own theater, this URL will contain information specific to your theater so you will be directing traffic to your own site.

As an example, the same Feed above on the MovieMonster site looks like this:

Notice the URL and TheaterID change accordingly. You will be able to use these links knowing users will go to your theater.

How can I use the Feed information?

The RSS Feed information can be used in conjunction with a Feed Reader client to keep you up to date on new releases that are added to your theater. You can click the link and it to a Feedreader that runs on you desktop. As new titles are added you can promote this information through blog posts, discussion forum postings, newsletters or emails. If you are looking for new movies to review or write about this is an easy way to generate content.

Feedreaders are readily available on the Internet with many full featured applications offered free of charge. You can also use the Google Reader to keep up to date with the Theater Feeds.

For Webmasters who wish to provide this content to their users it is also possible to display the Feed information directly on your website. Blogging software such as WordPress has an RSS Aggregator built right in. Add the RSS widget to your site, provide the URL to the Feed you wish to display and WordPress will handle the rest. Links to the movie will be placed on your site and you will have a source of content that updates itself on a regular basis.

Through the use of 3rd party RSS Aggregator software you can also display the RSS Feed directly on your site. Additional scripts and code are available on the web and can be customized to suit your needs. Some scripts are available for free while others can be purchased. It’s beyond the scope of this guide to list them all, but using your preferred search engine will yield plenty of results. You should be fairly comfortable with web design and coding in order to make effect use of the RSS Feed scripts.

Although the term RSS is used rather generically to refer to the retrieval of information from a site, the AEBN Theater Feeds use the Atom 1.0 format. This will make a difference if you are trying to programmatically access the Feeds. If the Atom 1.0 format is not compatible for you, there is the option of using a web service like Feedburner. Feedburner allows the Feeds to be more universally formatted and available through multiple platforms.

RSS Feeds can be used to keep you informed of new titles that are added to our theater for a corresponding category or can be used to list new movies that are added within any category. You can use this to feature and promote new titles and draw attention to new releases you feel will be of interest to your users. You can subscribe to this information using a desktop feedreader or you can use Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Feeds can also be used directly on your web site. Products such as WordPress already have capabilities for adding Feeds to your site. Additionally there are 3rd party scripts and tools which can be used to place the content of the Feed on your site. This will allow you to interest your users in the latest content that is added to your theater.

By using Feeds you can generate ideas for new content to place on your site by writing reviews, highlighting new content that is released or by populating the content of the Feed directly on your site. Feeds provide a way to keep you up to date with new movie releases and offer an easy way to encourage users to visit your theater.