AEBN Guide to RSS Blog Tool

The RSS Blog Tool allows webmasters to automatically populate their site with the hottest stars, studios, and action offered in their theaters. Easily embedded in any blog, the RSS Blog Tool is completely customizable and has editing capabilities, so webmasters can add SEO-friendly content and copy tailored to fit their unique needs. The tool works great with WordPress and other blogging software, and can be set up in minutes.

Each post promotes a film with its box cover image, movie description, and accompanying movie clip. As a bonus feature, the RSS can be imported at desired intervals, automatically updating customers with the latest information on their favorite stars, studios, and upcoming releases.

How to Add the RSS Blog Tool RSS to a WordPress Blog:

1. Download Feedwordpress from

2. Upload the folder via FTP in the Folder “/wp-content/plugins” of your site.

3. Go back to your WordPress back end, click on “plug in.”

4. Find “FeedWordPress” and click on “Activate.”

5. Go to “Syndication” (bottom left on the WordPress Column)

6. Copy Paste the AEBN RSS link (from the AEBN Webmasters ), click on Add.

7. Find the result with the Embed video and click on “Use this feed.”

8. Make sure to go back to Syndication, highlight the AEBN Feed and click on “Update Checked.”