AEBN Guide to Embeddable Video Player

You can now promote the hottest new content available through an exciting new format! The same clips that populate our Premium Galleries tool can now be used in an embeddable video player that is easily added to any website, making it the ultimate tool with which to drive traffic.

This sleek video player is perfect for blogs and allows you to feature the newest and best content your theater has to offer.

How to Log In:

* Connect to the Webmaster Portal on

* Click on “Sales Tools” in the top navigation bar.

* Select “Get This Tool” from beneath the Embeddable Video Player logo.


– Step 1: Campaigns (Optional) –

* You can create a new campaign or add an existing one to track the tool. For more information about Campaigns, visit our Campaigns guide. You can skip this step completely if you do not wish to use a campaign.


-Step 2: Choose Destination –

* Use the drop-down menu box to select either an AEBN branded theater or select one of your own theaters in the drop-down menu box. First, select either “AEBN Site” or “Your Templates” to have your choice populate into the menu.



– Step 3: Choose Content –

* First, begin by choosing either “Straight” or “Gay” as your orientation. This will make the filter options clickable.


Here, you can use the and/or values to better customize your results Choosing “And” will only give you clips that contain ALL of the items you choose. For example, choosing star Lisa Ann and studio Lethal Hardcore will only give you titles by Lethal Hardcore that star Lisa Ann. However, if you choose “Or,” you get all the clips which contain at least one of the options you’ve chosen.  In the example below, choosing star Lisa Ann or star Kagney Linn Karter gives you all of the clips that contain either Lisa Ann or Kagney Linn Karter. As a general rule, AND will narrow results and OR will broaden them.


* From the drop-down menu, choose your filter criteria. You can choose between Category, Studio or Star.

* Once you have any chosen to filter by Category, Studio or Star, further options will appear in the second drop-down menu. From here, you will choose what Category, Studio or Star you would like to see in your Embeddable Video Player options. Once your choice is highlighted, click the “Select” button next to the drop-down menus. This will add your choice to the list below which shows you everything selected on your Current Filter. You can repeat this to further filter the results.


Exclude Media

You can also exclude certain categories from your results to better target them. Just choose the Category you would like excluded from the drop-down menu marked “Exclude Criteria” shaded in pink. Click “Select” next to the menu to add that exclusion to your filter.



* If you would like to remove a filter selection after it has been made, click on the red “X” radial beside that choice in the Current Filter list. It will then be gone from that filter.


– Step 4: Choose Dates –

*Choose the dates of the clips you’d like to see. “All” will give you all of the clips that match your current filter.

If you choose “Latest,” a drop-down menu will appear that will let you choose the number of clips you’d like to generate.

If you select “Range,” two text boxes will appear that will let you enter a start day and an end date from which you’d like to choose clips.

– Step 5: Choose Delivery Type –

* Select your Delivery Method: Embed Code, RSS Feed, or Delimited Text File.

Embed Code

—  If you choose the Embed Code Method, just click “Continue.”

On the next page, you will find a list of clips to choose from, each with a player iframe code. When you’ve found the clip(s) you want to use, copy that code and paste it into your blog or website.

At the top of the page is a code for a daily rotating clip which means a new clip will appear every day automatically. If you’d prefer this feature, copy this linking code into your blog or website.


— If you choose the RSS feed Method, just click “Continue.”

On the next page, you’ll find a RSS link that will deliver the clips.

Delimited Text File

— If you choose the Delimited Text File option, a new set of options will appear.

First, choose your delimiter from the drop-down menu box.

Next, you can customize the columns in your files. Columns can be ascribed information such as Title, Orientation, Category, Description, Image, Player, Gallery, Star, Studio or None.

After you have made your customization, click “Continue.”

A text file download will begin and you’ll be prompted to either open the file or save the file to your hard drive. Once you’ve done one or the other, open the text file to find all of your information within.


If you have any questions, contact your rep today who will be glad to walk you through this process.